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The definition of “Intestinal Starvation”

My Definition of “Intestinal Starvation”   (※must read)

Three(+one) Factors to Accelerate “Intestinal Starvation”  (※must read)

The basic idea of denying the “calories-in/calories-out” theory

Do Carbohydrates Make Us Fat or Do Too Many Calories? ;The Debate Since the 1800s

The Calorie Principle and Weight Gain; The Causality Has Been Obscure (◎)

Can Thermodynamics Explain Why We Gain Weight? (◎)

Many people are doing an opposite response in regards to weight loss and weight gain.

After Gaining Weight, We Eat Too Much and Do Less Exercise    (◎)

Reality Works Opposite of What and How We Think

For people who are overweight, what you should do to lose weight?

There Are Two Steps to Lose Weight the Right Way  (◎)


Other factors that affect weight gain(Chrono-nutrition,etc.)

Why "When to Eat" Is Important in Weight Management

The Reason Why a Well-Balanced Breakfast Helps Prevent Weight Gain 

Does Eating Late at Night Really Make You Fat?   

How the Number of Meals Affect Weight Gain   

High basal metabolism has nothing to do with being lean or thin.

Those Who Are Overweight Had Higher Basal Metabolism