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Shigeo Watanabe

・I live in Takatsuki city, Osaka, Japan.

・I graduated from Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology.

・Date of birth : December 2nd, 1970

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(Middle School Years)

When I was in middle school, I had gastrointestinal problems caused by too much eating. My hair started falling out, my nails became thin like paper, and my muscles bacame weaker. My height shrank about five mm over a year despite my growth phase.

(University Years)

My total body weight fell down to the thirty-kilo range with the stress of university entrance exams. I was literally skin and bones. I was so thin that I seldom felt hungry and most of the time, I felt heavy around my lower abdomen.

Though I went to the training gym and ate a lot to gain weight, I couldn't gain any weight for about a year. When I almost gave up, I gained about five kilograms in a few days for another reason and I recovered gradually to around fifty kilograms.

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With this experience, I realized that I was doing the exact opposite of what I had to.

Gaining weight is not decided only by comparison of caloric intake and expenditure.

That was my encounter with “intestinal starvation” which made me write this blog.

(Apr. 1996〜)

♦I started working as a cook from age of twenty-six.

♦I opened my first Yakitori restaurant at the age of thirty-four.


With various troubles happening at once, I closed the restaurant.

(Feb. 2013)

I’d always wanted to write about my idea ever since I was in my twenties, but I couldn't take the first step because I was scared. When my business failed, I started writing about this and realized that It was what I was meant to do.  

(Jan. 2014)

I started the Japanese Version []

(Mar. 2016)

I started the English Version []

(Jun. 2023)

I have begun to send out offers to obesity research institutes and universities around the world, including Japan.