The Big picture of This Website

I 'd like to introduce the outline of this website to those who visit my website for the first time.

1.why do people become obese?

“Why do people become obese?”
To such a simple question, many of you might answer “eating too much, too much calories and lack of exercise”.

However, human body mechanism must have been its opposite from the beginning. Ever since the human have emerged on the Earth, human had fought against starvation and thus our body try to stock fat as a countermeasure for starvation.

That is to say, someone who is obese (including those got fat recently) is, from the point of view of his body, recognized as starving.
On the other hand, those who can’t gain weight even when they eat are eating in a way in which starvation mechanism won’t happen.

2. Two meanings to the phrase “gaining weight”

Actually, there are 2 different meanings to the phrase “gaining weight” . But since these are used mixed up, many people are dieting in the wrong way. When we say we put on weight by eating a lot, this is limited in the range of their Base Weight. [Figure  :(A)]

  Diet method of decreasing calories might make you easier to gain weight since it decreases dietary fat and makes the body tolerate hunger. Recognition of exercise is the same. Exercise does consume calories in temporal view, but it actually is a power in direction of gaining weight in a long-term.

3.Some particularity of carbohydrate

I think the reasons of recent obesity are easy-to-digest food, refined carbohydrate and unbalanced food. Because these will promote creating “intestinal starvation”. That is why there is more obesity in low-income families.


I believe the status of starvation is decided by intestine (small intestine) and it doesn’t depend on the quantity we eat. It is often said that the cause of obesity is daily habit but it’s true.

  • unbalanced food(lack of vegetable)
  • too much carbohydrate
  • irregular rhythm(eat late at night/don’t eat breakfast)
  • power to digest  etc

Since many conditions come together to create intestinal starvation mechanism, I will explain by using the word “relativity”.