The Calories Don't Matter

5 tricks

1. Caloric intake is not the fundamental reason that some people become obese and others do not.
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The highest priority is the mechanism of maintaining "one's present condition" 

2 meanings to the phrase "gaining weight"

2. For example, consider these two types: "people who want to gain weight, but can't" often eat more to gain weight, whereas  "people who are overweight " often eat less to lose weight. However I believe they are doing the opposite response with regards to weight loss and weight gain. 
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"Reality works opposite of what and how we think"

"After gaining weight, eat too much and do less exercise "

3. Working out is a must for being healthy, but not for losing weight. You can lose weight by eating and with an absence of exercise.
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"If there is no need to exercise to lose weight…"

"For dieting, meal improvement rather than exercise"

 "Misunderstanding of the relationship between diet, exercise and body weight"

4.Why is obesity increasing all over the world? 
I believe refined carbohydrates or easy-to-digest foods have had the largest effect regarding this problem, rather than calories. And this is because of the particularity of carbohydrates.
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 "Carbohydrates make it easier for people to gain weight, its meaning other than just calories."

"Wealthy ones get fat?  Poor ones get fat?"

5. Regarding the reasons for weight gain, almost every one of them can be explained by “the intestinal starvation” and “relativity.

"What is it to “gain weight by starvation status”?

Why do people become obese?

 “Why do people become obese?” It's such a simple question, and many of you might answer “eating too much, too many calories, and lack of exercise.”

  However, the human body mechanism must have been the opposite from the beginning. Ever since humans have emerged on the Earth, humans have fought against starvation and thus our body has worked to stock fat as a countermeasure against starvation.


(To outline)

About this website (Objective)

  This website is based on my personal experience of losing total body weight down to the thirty kilograms range. I'm translating all my original articles into English, so that English speakers can read,too.

Japanese Version

The objective of this website is to:
 (1)Have many people worldwide read my articles and understand my ideas.
 (2)Publish books.
 (3)Change our thinking regarding obesity.

Why me?

Maybe I should just leave this to the doctors and researchers. But I opened this website because I knew I was the only one that could write about this theory.

My friend said, “What do you want to do?  Just leave it....”
But I didn't agree. I didn't want to regret not having done anything useful for society when I died, so I decided to devote my time to this, since it meant and still means a lot to me.

I know it's different from what we regard as common sense, but I hope you will enjoy reading it. And I hope that my theory can help someone.