About this website

This is the website based on my personal experience of loosing  weight to about 30kg. I'm translating all my original articles into English so that English speakers can read.

5 tricks

1.”Calorie” is not the difference between people who get fat and those not

→ "2 meanings of the word 'getting fat' "

2. Both “people who want to be thinner but can't” and “people who want to be fat but can't” are doing opposite things so often, it won't work.

→ "The reality works on the opposite of one’s mind"

3.Workout is indispensable for being healthy but not for getting thin. You can get thin only with food and without exercise.

→ "If there is no need to exercise to lose weight…"

→ "For diet, meal improvement rather than exercise"

4.Why is obesity increasing all over the world? I believe refined carbohydrates or easy-to-digest food have large affect over this problem rather than calorie. And this is because of the particularity of carbohydrate.

→ "Wealthy ones get fat?  Poor ones get fat?"

5. There is no various reasons. Almost everything can be explained with “starving mechanism” and “relativity”.


The objective of this website are

  1.   Have many people worldwide read my article and know my idea
  2.   Publish book
  3.   Change common sense

Why me?

Maybe I should leave this to doctor and researchers.
But I opened this website because I knew only I can write this theory.
My friend said “what do you want to do?”, ”just leave it...” but I didn't agree.
I didn't want to regret of not having done something when I die, so I decided to devote to this since it means a lot to me.
I know it's different from what we regard as common sense but I hope you will enjoy reading it. And I hope that my theory can help someone.

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