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2018.10.02 Locabo diet, popular in Japan, comes from “a low-carb diet”
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2018.05.29 Misunderstanding of the relationship between diet, exercise and body weight
2018.04.09 More emphasis should be put on ”Absorption amount”
2018.02.01 For dieting, meal improvement rather than exercise
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2017.12.10 Wealthy ones get fat? Poor ones get fat?
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2017.01.08 Reality works opposite of what we think
2016.10.17 3(+1) Factors to Accelerate “Intestinal Starvation”
2016.10.17 My Definition of “Intestinal Starvation”
2016.03.16 2 meanings of the phrase "gaining weight"
2016.03.03 The highest priority is the mechanism to "maintain present condition"