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Detail of Personal History

When I was in the sixth grader.

middle school years

  My parents were farmers and my father worked a lot. Though the house was poor when I was little, when I entered middle school, we were better. My father couldn’t eat a lot when he was a child so he told us to eat more. There were stir-fried dishes, rice, Miso soup, cream bread and milk from the morning. Maybe my family were eating to 80% full but I was too greedy and ate till full. Though my older  brother was fat, he didn’t eat more than what his body needed. I was eating snacks even after meals. I wasn’t used to “eat because I’m hungry” but just ate to full at meals and I was never hungry throughout the day.
  With such habit, I started to have gastrointestinal trouble around the first year in middle school. I had angular cheilitis, lost hair, nails became thinner like paper. Within a year, my height shrunk about 5mm and my muscle became weaker. It was some kind of decreased gastrointestinal absorption. I believe, the nutrition I had was minimum to sustain the body and couldn’t afford to grow up.

High school years

  After graduating from high school, I was hospitalized for gastrointestinal test. I remember the doctor saying “your stomach is thin like that of an old man” when I swallowed gastro camera. Since I was thin, I expected inside my body to be thin, too.

University years

  When I entered university, with effect of entrance exam, I lost my total body wait down to around 38kg. Though I wore several layers to look less thin, I couldn’t make any friend. I finally realized that I have to do something so I started going to the training gym since I liked fighting games. There were many people working on body building and they mocked me at first.
“Are you eating meat?”
“You must be eating only instant food”
”Take protein” ・・・Still, I continued.
My body at that time was....
(1) I can feel food moving inside my stomach.
When I eat good protein such as egg or meat, I can feel the moment when my blood is made after 7 to 8 hours.
(2) When go  to sleep at night, I can feel the blood being made (I guess there is growth hormone creating blood to replace the blood broken everyday).
(3) When I drink milk when I’m hungry, I can feel calcium and mineral coming into the body from the gastric wall. (Nerve calms down. The bottom of teeth where mineral was taken from hurts)
  I ate properly (drink protein) everyday and went to gym but dumbbell of 15kg was the best I could do. I could feel my stomach (intestine) working hard in order to take nutrition. Though they work hard to take nutrition, they couldn’t.... next morning, my lower belly was heavy with undigested food and my little muscle was just a little hardened. Even after few months, my muscle didn’t increase so I thought “I don’t need to force myself to eat a lot in order to get fat”. I thought “there is no use in eating unless I could digest it”.
  After that, I started taking starch and good protein which are easy to digest. In specific, I ate half-boiled egg with chicken breast over rice. And then, I gave up all the things that prevent digestion such as fiber and fat (fried food, snacks).
  One day, I went home and laid down with fatigue and I felt some pain inside stomach that pulled toward inside. I felt like something was ripped off from the stomach (intestine) and just after that, I could feel my blood increasing. As I said earlier, I was able to feel the moment my blood being made and at that moment, it was clearly increasing. The next day, I went to gym. Though it was difficult to hold 15kg until then, I was able to hold up to 20kg. Yes, I had more muscle.
  After few months, I gained weight more than 5kg in only a half day (it’s not only gaining weight but also increasing muscle). Though it actually took about 3 days to form, the reason for this increase was only in a half day. When I eat, I could feel my blood increase and more muscle on my body.
  That was why I started this blog. The theory of calorie is, in a sense, very wrong. To say it simple, what is believed today is contrary in certain part.


  In those days, I was mad at my parents and I couldn’t understand why I had to survive such a thing. However, now I can think positively that maybe that was the challenge the God gave me.