Psychology of getting fat


Reality works opposite of what we think

This time, I would like to explain the relationship between “mind” and “mechanism of gaining weight”.

Many of those who are obese want to do a diet and get thinner. For that, they try to skip meals or eat just a little in order to take “less calories” or do some exercise to consume calories.

On the other hand, people who are thin think that “if I skip a meal I will get thinner”. So they try to eat foods “with more calories” and try not to skip meals even if they can’t eat a lot.

Then why is it that obese people can’t get thinner even though they reduce their meals and do exercise? And why can’t thin people gain weight even though they eat a lot?

It is possible that they are doing the opposite of what is really needed.
Reality works opposite of what we think

Obese people might get thinner for a while by decomposing protein /fat through food restriction or exercise.

However, it’s a temporary thing and in a long span, it’s not that effective. By restricting meals as in a diet, intestines improve its absorbing ability in order to get the maximum absorption out of small amount of food.

As a result, the intestinal starvation mechanism tends to occur in which the body tries to store fat, which means it is easier to get fat (rebound).

Most of the diets which people have done so far were either of these two types(meal restriction, exercise).

So it is natural that the success rate of dieting is low since they are doing the opposite of the theory. It’s not because their efforts were not enough.

(Note: Of course, if you don’t eat at all and do exercise, you will get thinner but I don’t recommend it. Because if you don’t have any nutrition in your stomach when the absorbing ability of the intestine is improved, the body will take minerals out of muscle and bone.)

Also, when thin people skip meals, they soon start to get thinner from the face and get tired easily since they don’t have energy. So they believe they have to eat even though they don’t feel so hungry. This is a natural way of thinking for creatures to live... So, they tend to eat 3 meals a day and also eat some snacks between meals. There are professionals and some websites who recommend they eat snacks to gain weight.

But by doing so, the function of the body to store the fat based on “intestinal starvation mechanism” will not work. They eat a lot of calories but they don’t gain weight so they end up saying “it’s my body’s character”.

Generally, a body that doesn’t get fat, it is said to be caused by “genetics” but since they are doing the opposite of the theory above, it is normal that they don’t get fat.

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