Change the perspective from °»taking too much calories is the cause of getting fat°…



1. Why do we get fat in the first place?

  If we are to think in the simplest way, body fat could be considered as a mechanism of “preparation for starvation”. Our ancestors were living difficult life and they had to survive time without food. They didn’t know when they could eat the next time. Storing extra nutrition when eating is the proper mechanism of the body.


  However, this idea was denied long time ago by researchers… because fat people eat a lot. When we imagine a typical fat type “who are fat, eat a lot and won’t do exercise”, it may be natural that people can’t think body fat as “preparation for starvation”.


  However, I want to explain through this blog as a whole, why body fat are the “preparation for starvation” using word of “intestinal starvation” and “relativeness”.

2. Scotoma

  First, I would like to explain the mechanism of our brain.

(reference: “Read in bookstore!” by Hideto Tomachi)
  The brain has antenna that would access only to things it recognizes (RAS: Reticular Activating System). “Law of attraction” is one of the way to explain RAS. When we think “I want new PC”, you will notice PC manufacturer’s pub which you didn’t notice before.


  It’s the mechanism of brain to collect information of only “what you want” since the brain would burn out if it has access to all information. However, this RAS has a weak point. It accepts information that are important so it means, it refuses other information by filter. That is to say, there is psychological blindness (Scotoma) in which we focus too much on one information and can’t see others.

* focus on the move of the white team and count the number of pass of the white team.

3. What we can see by changing perspective

  Therefore, if we have fixed idea of “calorie makes us fat”, “eating a lot makes us fat”, “fat makes us fat”, we pay attention only on the act of eating. And this is scotoma where we can’t see other perspectives. If we think stored body fat as “preparation for starvation”, we should be able to see the back side that those who got fat were tolerating more hunger.

For example,

♦ “those who got fat by eating late at night” may have tolerated hunger after lunch to 9 or 10 o’clock at night.


♦ Before you say “I got fat by eating from stress”, did you have time when you couldn’t eat due to stress?

♦ Have you skipped lunch or had something light because you had the rest of the breakfast of children?

♦ Tolerating hunger while doing diet is one thing but a cake we eat rarely makes us fat is not logical.

♦ Those who say “Regardless of the intake amount, I didn’t get fat when I was young...” are limiting their meals or tolerating hunger having only light meal.

♦ Working person who says who got fat by having alcohol at night may have taken light lunch or no breakfast.


♦ Getting fat after having child may be that she felt so dizzy that she couldn’t eat even though her body is working hard to have baby (though I can’t understand since I’m a man)

  Once you get fat, please look from the perspective that “hunger (intestinal starvation more strictly) is the cause of getting fat”. Then, you should be able to see something different.