The highest priority is the mechanism to "maintain present condition"


  1. Each person has the mechanism to “maintain present condition”
  2. What fixes the mechanism to “maintain present condition”?

1.Each person has the mechanism to "maintain present condition"

First of all, I want to explain the most important point. It's the assumption that each person has the mechanism to "maintain present condition". I recognize that this is the pre-condition of everyone.


For example, there are 3 women;

(A) 48kg・・・who can't gain weight even if she eats
(B) 57kg・・・who can gain weight till 60kg if she eats a lot
(C) 85kg・・・who can gain weight till 90kg if she eats a lot

All through the year, we get thinner when we are busy and we gain a little fat when we eat a lot...though everyone repeats such things, even if we don't calculate calories strictly, body shape of person won't change so easily. Fat people are fat and thin people are thin.

So here, I want to define the word “Base Weight” as the weight to which you go back when you continue eating for 3 to 5 days doing nothing such as during the long holidays. Usually in most cases, you won't go beyond the Base Weight and will usually come back to it.

In this example, the Base Weight of A is 48kg and that of B is 60kg and that of C is 90kg. There is the mechanism to "maintain their present condition" working in their body to bring them back to their Base Weight.

So, it’s difficult to assume a person’s body and weight condition only with calorie intake /consumption. Consider the example above, that if A continues an intake of 100kcal everyday for several months or years, it will be accumulated into fat and she will weigh 80kg is wrong. (She might gain weight but it's a different mechanism)


In general, people who are obes are living with calorie restrictions so their present weight is lower than their Base Weight.

On the other hand, thin people don't have calorie restrictions so their present weight and their Base Weight are often close. Therefore, thin A won't gain weight even if she ate and B and C will gain weight as soon as they eat.

▽Example of Hozumi Hasegawa, the professional boxer who defended 10 times as the 26th Champion of WBC World bantam weight.

Bantam weight limit is 53.5kg. As his body get older, losing weight became hard and for a defending match, he had to lose more than 10kg in a month. But as soon as the match is over and he started to eat, the weight went back 10kg in a few days.

The rate of going back to his Base Weight is so fast. Those who have tried diets and eat less than usual might have experienced this.


2. What fixes the mechanism to "maintain present condition"?

If you have studied about the subconscious or brain science, you might know that your current situation (income and status) are fixed by the subconscious. The conscious mind only accounts for 1% of the ability to make a change in a person’s current situation.

But in here, I believe that a person who goes back to their Base Weight has nothing to do with the conscious or subconscious mind. The one who decides the mechanism to “maintain present condition” is the absorbing ability.

That is to say, it's the “small intestine” who is also called “the second brain”. This is my conclusion from my own experience but I will talk about this in another blog post.


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