Guidelines for Posting a Guest Article

Article 1  Application

If you would like to post an article on this website as a guest, please fill out and send the one time application form from here. Once application is submitted, there is no need for a cancellation procedure.
Article2  Publishing article

1. In the case that you wish to publish an article, you must send the manuscript to this website.

2. We will decide if the article corresponds to the theme of this website and the needs of its readers and let you know whether we will publish your article on this website or not.

3. In the case we decided not to publish your article, we will dispose the copy file of your article on our side. We shall not breach your personal information or copyright.
Article 3  Content

1. Make sure that the article is based on 1 theme and is not too long. (Around △ to □ words)

2. It must be your original content and the content must not breach the right of other copyright holders. In the case of citation, make sure to clarify the source.

3. In the case you prefer not to publish your name, belonging etc. please let us know.
Article 4  Reward or expense

For posts by guests, there will be no reward to writer from operator and or no monetary compensation such as an expense claim from writer.
Article 5  Don’ts

1. Following acts are prohibited. In the case the writer falls under one of the following acts, we may cancel the post even if it’s already published.

(1) Act of breaching intellectual property such as copyright
(2) Illegal access and attack to this website
(3) Sending virus or illegal program
(4) Spoofing and falsity in application content
(5) Discriminative expression regarding race, ethnicity, religion etc.
(6) Any other act that is regarded inappropriate
Article 6  Disclaimer

1. We shall not be responsible at all for damage generated regarding post.

2. In the case this website becomes nonoperational by force majeure or personal reason of the operator, all right etc. shall be extinguished.
(Additional Clause)

This guideline shall be applied from March 15th, 2019.